12+ Hobbies That Make Money

Updated · Mar 04, 2023

Have you ever heard of hobbies that pay?

If not, it's time to get acquainted with this fantastic way of making money while doing what you love.

Here are some of our fun ideas to make money: freelance writing, illustration, coding, and even drone flying.

If you’re interested, then read on—we’ve got nine more lined up below!

Hobbies to Make Money

Let’s see how you can start making money with your hobbies.

1. Writing

There are many ways to make money from writing as a hobby side hustle. One way is to write articles for websites that pay for content.

Alternatively, you can create your own blog and sell advertising space or use affiliate marketing to make money.

You can also write books and sell them online (as ebooks) or through traditional publishing channels.

Whatever route you choose, writing can be a lucrative hobby that pays off well.

2. Illustration

There are various ways that someone can make money through illustration and turn it into a side hustle hobby.

One way is to sell your digital artwork online. You can do this through websites like Etsy or set up a website to showcase your work. Pixpa is an excellent platform for creating portfolio sites.

Another way to make money through illustration is to provide artwork for publications. This can include magazines, books, or other types of media.

Finally, you can sell prints of your illustrations or merchandise with your artwork. This can be a great way to make a passive income while building a portfolio.

3. Music

There are a number of musical hobbies you can make money from.

One is to teach music. This can be done privately, online, or in a school setting.

You can also perform live in clubs, restaurants, and weddings. And if live events aren’t an option, there are plenty of remote options.

You can record your music and sell or stream it online. Even if you’re not musically inclined, you can still record crisp stock audio and sell that instead.

4. Cooking

Cooking can be a fun and rewarding hobby that makes money (and keeps your friends and family happy!).

Here are a few ways to monetize cooking:

Cook for dinner parties and events. Catering is a great way to earn some extra cash. All you need is a hungry group of people and a recipe book.

Sell your food online. There are numerous websites that let you sell your home-cooked meals, snacks, and deserts online. You can also use your social media.

This can be a great way to reach a wider audience. Still, we recommend restricting your business to an immediate area—time is also a factor.

Start a food blog or a YouTube channel.

YouTubing is among the most profitable hobbies on our list. We go into more detail about it below. For now, just note that cooking is a lucrative niche.

5. Gardening

Many people don't think of gardening as a money-making hobby, but if you're good at it, you can definitely make some extra cash.

For example, you can sell vegetables and fruits at a local farmers' market. Alternatively, you can grow flowers to sell at a florist's.

Of course, you can also hire out your services. Everyone loves a nice garden, but not everyone can maintain one on their own due to a lack of time or know-how.

You can take care of other people’s gardens for them. Building up a clientele will keep you busy and your bank account full.

Keep in mind that even if you don’t directly monetize your garden, by growing your own food you save money.

6. Photography

Photography can be a lucrative hobby if you put extra effort into advertising your work.

Here are a few tips for making money with this skill:

Sell your photos online. Sites like Shutterstock and iStockphoto offer photographers a chance to sell their work and make a commission on each purchase.

Offer photo prints for sale. You can set up an online shop or sell them at local craft shows.

Teach photography classes. Others are eager to learn, so share what you know and make some cash in the process!

7. DIY Crafts

DIY crafts are a great money-earning hobby with a lot of room for growth. Your advertising strategy will depend on the type of products you are making.

But the places where you can sell them are pretty much the same.

Whether you’re making quilts or pottery, you can sell them online, in local stores, or at craft fairs.

8. Comedy

Being the funny one in the group isn’t a career per se, but comedy can be a fun hobby that makes money.

If you like being in the spotlight, you could try your luck in stand-up comedy. You can go to an open mic at your local comedy club or start in even more informal settings, such as at parties or in bars.

And if you don’t want all eyes on you, you can write jokes for other comedians. If you're good at it, it might even turn into a business.

9. Brewing

Brewing has become a popular business hobby across the United States in recent years. Whether it’s coffee or craft beer, you’ll find a large market of buyers.

Brewing for yourself doesn’t require a license, but if you want to turn it into a hobby that pays, you’ll need one. Luckily, there are business formation services that can do the legwork for you.

In terms of resources, though, you won’t need that much—just the brewing equipment and a small space to make your coffee or beer. To begin with, you can start selling it online.

10. Gaming

With the explosive popularity of esports in recent years, it’s no surprise that gaming has become a lucrative way to make money.

If you’re good at it and have a competitive spirit, there are many ways to make a living out of it.

Professional esports, Twitch streaming, and YouTube Live are the top ways to monetize your gaming.

11. Drone Flying

Drone flying is perhaps the most surprising item on our profitable hobby list.

To make money, you can use your drone for filming, photography, or land surveyance.

Some businesses need footage of products and services for marketing purposes. Others need images or videos of real estate or land for sale or lease.

Drone pilots can also help with search and rescue operations, agricultural surveys, and even law enforcement activities.

12. Coding

There are many ways to turn coding into a hobby that can make you money.

If you’re serious about it, this could bloom into a full-blown career. Companies are always looking for adept coders.

But if coding is your side hustle, becoming a freelance coder is a great option. To start, create a profile on websites like UpWork or Freelancer. There, you can post your services and bid on projects.

Another way to make money off of coding is to create an app or a website. Sure, people usually hire professionals. But if you have the skills and a business idea, you can be your own developer.

That way, all the profit will be for you.

13. YouTube

Last but not least, Youtube is a place where you can make money from your hobby.

It almost doesn’t matter what you do. There are people out there getting paid for eating in front of a camera.

That said, the competition is fierce, so there’s a lot of work before you start making money.

The first step is to create quality content. So, make sure to produce videos that are interesting and engaging for your viewers.

For starters, you can add adverts to your videos. Once you’ve gained some popularity, you can work with brands to promote them. Plus, you can use your channel to advertise your own products and services.

Wrap Up

There you have 12+ hobbies that make money. Now, this list is by no means complete. There are many other hobbies you could monetize, too.

If your favorites aren’t on this list, you could still find ways to earn money from them. Just be creative.

Good luck, and happy hobbying!

Aleksandra Yosifova
Aleksandra Yosifova

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