14 Must-Know 9GAG Statistics: How The Internet Phenomenon is Doing in 2023?

Updated · May 20, 2023

Life can be very stressful.

At such time, sharing and browsing through various pictures, videos, and memes can feel like a godsend.

That’s precisely what 9GAG’s mission is.

What started as a side project in Hong Kong in 2008 for friends sharing funny pics would grow into one of the world’s biggest meme-sharing sites. It’s still highly popular, so allow us to lead you as we uncover some of the most relevant and riveting 9GAG statistics.

We shall cover everything important, from the inception story to online traffic and demographics. So let’s skip the chit-chat and get right into action!

Engaging Facts About 9GAG (Editor’s Choice):

  • 9GAG has a global audience of 150 million people.
  • There are more than 40 million registered users.
  • Its March 2022 bounce rate was 57.29%.
  • Again in March 2022, 9GAG visits lasted 17 minutes and 35 seconds on average.
  • The first post in 9GAG’s history saw the light of day on July 1, 2008.
  • There are 4,683,523 9GAG visitors on average every day.
  • A 2014 study found most of the site’s posts controversial.

9GAG Statistics in 2022

Even if you haven’t visited 9GAG already (how come?), you’ve at least heard about it. You probably also know that 9GAG is no new site and was extremely popular in the mid-2010s. However, if you’ve thought it’s already dying down, wait until you hear about its current online traffic.

1. 9GAG has 150 million visitors each month.

(Source: CNNMoney)

According to 9GAG stats from its website, this is how many people have at least set foot there.

This shouldn’t be a surprise—9GAG’s easy to use and has been around forever (in internet time). It’s accessible, too, as everybody can create or post a meme/funny pic/video on the platform. Also, don’t forget you can end up on the home page if your post is trending. Imagine how that must feel!

2. Every day, 9GAG has 4,683,523 visits on average.

(Source: Net Home)

Keep in mind that these numbers vary (sometimes a lot) depending on the source and its date. So this one is true at the time of writing this article. However, older 9GAG facts reveal that it used to have 12,000,000 to 18,000,000 daily visitors. So while its popularity looks like it may be slowly decreasing, it seems to be holding up just fine for now. Ultimately, the present matters most anyway.

3. In March 2022, 9GAG had a bounce rate of 57.29%.

(Source: Semrush)

Sure, that isn’t nice, though do keep in mind that bounce rates can significantly vary on a month-to-month basis. For instance, February one was substantially lower—35.98%! Semrush 9GAG statistics also underline that, on average, people visited 1.8 9GAG pages in March.

4. During the same month, the average 9GAG visit lasted 17 minutes and 35 seconds.

(Source: Semrush)

Just like bounce rates, average visit times tend to vary quite a bit. In comparison, in February 2022, the average visit lasted 23 minutes. With spring around the corner, people will spend more time outside. That could potentially prevent them from looking at memes for hours on end. Despite all this, these are still superb results!

9GAG Demographics

The entertainment giant has people from all over the world and of all ages browsing and posting content. Here’s the essential info we managed to gather about 9GAG’s userbase.

5. The site has over 40 million active registered users.

(Source: 9GAG)

9GAG is one big company. No new information here. However, did you know it has over 40 million registered users… wait? Better yet, it has more than 40 million active users. 9GAG’s key asset is that it naturally attracts teenagers and young adults—all people that spend a lot of their time online.

Its creator disclosed in a recent interview that people aged 18 to 24 make up the majority of the site’s visitors. Nobody has any details on 9GAG users by age, leaving this the most relevant piece of info we could get our hands onto.

6. Most 9GAG users are from Germany, Poland, and the US.

(Source: Alexa)

Alexa reports that 13.3% of visitors are from Germany, 6.8% from Poland, and 6.6% from the States. It’s great to see that they have such low percentages, though. That means that the platform’s userbase is well-rounded, having frequent visitors from all around the world.

9GAG Market Share

9GAG’s 15th birthday is near. For more than a decade old platform in this everchanging online world, it’s still doing pretty well. Its creators are also responsible for this success. Their story is pretty captivating, and the company is making massive money. Let’s learn more about it!

7. 9GAG was founded by Ray Chan, Chris Chan, Derek Chan, Brian Yu, and Marco Fung.

(Source: CNNMoney)

Some only cite Ray, but in reality, all five people are 9GAG founders. They put some money aside in their twenties to start a new website. Ray told CNN Money that they were just looking to share funny pictures with each other. That’s why they saved $1,270 and started 9GAG.

8. The five founders launched 9GAG in 2008.

(Source: CNNMoney)

So what year was 9GAG created, you ask?

It started in 2008 as nothing but a side project. Neither of the founders promoted it around much, let alone imagine how big it would become. It got so successful that, in 2012, they launched a 9GAG app for both Android and iOS. All of them quit their jobs the same year and decided to try and make a living out of the site alone.

9. Ads are the most significant source of 9GAG’s revenue, as they alone bring in $1.2 million each month.

(Source: Soocial)

For the most part, Ray Chan is still the one who owns 9GAG. The company never went public, so it had to make money somehow. That’s why 9GAG turned to ads, which is still its primary source of income. Given the visitor count, it seems to be enough. Since it’s a private company, nobody knows exactly how big the 9GAG revenue is. People claim, however, that it makes over $1.2 million per month in ad revenue.

9GAG Competitors

There are times when memes can make or break an entire business. When utilized right, they can even become a business. That makes them pretty lucrative, leaving everybody wanting their piece of the pie. As a result, it’s no wonder that 9GAG facts reveal that it has many competitors. They’re so numerous that it’s easy to lose count.

10. 9GAG has many competitors, even outside of 4Chan and Reddit. 

(Source: Similarweb)

To quote Ray Chan, 9GAG’s competition is "anything that can help people have fun and kill time."

Similarweb listed 10 of their major competitors, although there certainly is more. The list includes: MemeCenter, Cracked, Know Your Meme, etc. However, they don’t mention Reddit and 4Chan, possibly the most significant competitors of them all.

11. People believe that both Reddit and 9GAG steal memes.

(Source: Debate.org)

Although they’re not remotely the same, 9GAG and Reddit are considered rivals. People are usually fans of either one or the other.

9GAG is still a platform mainly focused on posting funny pictures and videos. It might have older memes than Reddit, if not stolen, but it has a more user-friendly interface. It’s a good choice if you’re looking to pass the time. Debate.org’s “Is Reddit better than 9GAG?” post gravitates towards the former. 67% of voters claim that Reddit is better. No wonder it’s so loved—after all, the website and its more than two million subreddits have over 21 billion visits per month. However, at the end of the day, though, it all comes down to personal preference.

9GAG News and Fun Facts

The platform doesn’t share any news. However, it does have threads where people can communicate outside of any post. To make up for that, here are some fascinating facts and information about the legendary meme site itself.

12. The first 9GAG post was uploaded on July 1, 2008.

(Source: Times International)

It sure has evolved since then. The weirdest thing was the first post wasn’t even a meme!

In mid-2008, Ray Chan posted a photograph of a banner with Chinese text. Although it’s long gone, somebody later uploaded it on the platform, showcasing 9GAG’s actual first post. Asian users then hopped in, explaining the banner was a cry for help following a massive earthquake in China.

13. “Highway to Hell” was the most upvoted post in the website’s history.

(Source: Times International)

Up to a point, all these 9GAG vs. Reddit debates make some sense. They may not have the same purpose, but both have an upvote/downvote feature. Their systems happen to be quite similar overall.

The 9GAG post with the most upvotes has to be “Highway to Hell.” It was uploaded on September 15, 2012, showing a road with a “Hell” sign. This nice homage to the AC/DC song earned the creator (at least) 143,234 points and remains the highest-ranking post in 9GAG history as it discontinued the most voted posts list.

(Source: Times International)

Because of user-uploaded posts, 9GAG can be problematic. That encouraged Albin Wagner, a linguist, to research it in 2014. As a result, he noticed that most of 9GAG’s main page posts were discriminatory. 57.5% of the 446 posts reviewed were misogynist. Cultural discrimination and homophobia were also highly present. 25% was tied to the former, and 12.5% to the latter.

Wrap Up

Playtime’s over, as we’re all out of 9GAG statistics. From what we could gather, the platform seems to be doing okay. It has fewer visitors than earlier, but let’s face it—a site visited by 150 million people each month is anything but dead.

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